Criminal Defense Lawyer for Immigrants

Being a criminal defense lawyer for immigrants is a sensitive arena needing the care and diligence of a criminal defense lawyer who understands criminal law as it pertains to immigrants. Criminal Defense Lawyer for Immigrants. Remember, you have a right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney whenever you are being interrogated by law enforcement.  If the police or ICE come to…

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Can working with, selling or using marijuana affect my immigration status? 

Even simple use in legal states can still show bad moral character for immigration purposes… Can working with, selling or using marijuana affect my immigration status? Marijuana and immigration does not mix. That’s why I routinely practice “immigrant criminal law.” Immigrants must be extra careful not to use marijuana in even states where it’s legal to use it.  U.S. Citizenship…

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California Proposition 57 & Good Conduct Prison Credits

UPDATE Effective 5/1/21 California Proposition 57 & Good Conduct Prison Credits. The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act effective May 1, 2018 has a general rule that all inmates, unless otherwise precluded, shall be eligible to receive conduct credits.  I have summarized most of the more common credits necessary for your immediate knowledge but it’s definitely no exhaustive nor guaranteed perfectly…

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What Happens on the first Day of Court

Whether you are guilty or innocent, being charged with a crime is a scary experience. Getting ready for the first hearing, called arraignment, can be particularly nerve racking. Fortunately, you can ease your anxiety about your first court date by learning exactly what to expect. What happens on the first day of court? THE PURPOSE OF ARRAIGNMENT Your first court date…

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